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Smurf in the Gulag


Hail infernal world !

The one who knows
Is like the ignorant,
He can but smurf, hey, in Gulag

Ich hab' nur eine Barake
Wo die ganze Jahre wohne
Alle Leuten sind gegen mich
Alle unangenehm mit mir
Manchmal weine ich
Manchmal schreie ich

The one, one
The one, one
And them

Now I refuse to support
The splastick comedy.
I'm a clown, a fool.
But we ain't got the same toys.
Have we got the same tricks ?
Ha ! ha ! ha !
You too play the splastick comedy.
But we won't play together, we won't play together.
I'm the jester, I'm the jester.
Ha ! ha !

There's no reason why there should be this place and time
rather than others (ter)

In this cruel world what can we do ?
Hit the others, others...